Airline business is a rapidly developing field. Many Airline Operators are expanding and therefore need of Cabin Crew and other services within Cabin Operations.

ProffsAviation is providing qualitative Cabin Crew recruitment, initial safety training, agency and consultancy within Cabin Operations for Airline Operators worldwide.

The overall goal of ProffsAviation is to offer cost efficient solutions within Cabin Operations for Airline Operators by

  • supporting Airline Operators with flexible and sensible solutions within Cabin Operations
  • lowering recruitment, initial safety training and administrative costs
  • delivering qualitative Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training and paying only for the training needs
  • supporting Airline Operators with highly qualified initial safety trained Cabin Crew Member candidates
  • no need of expanding the Airline Operators Training Organization
  • increasing utilization within Cabin Operations
  • achieving cost efficiency within Cabin Operations

ProffsAviation brochure (PDF)
Cabin crew training (PDF in Finnish)
Cabin crew training (PDF in Swedish)

Britt-Louise Eklund
Managing Director

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